Founder of STAR System, we have been involved in the financial markets for almost 10 years, both as trader and investor.
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As independent trader, he was fortunate to have started his journey, with understanding and then leveraging the power of the volume price relationship to determine market direction. This approach has provided the foundation of his trading approach which is then complemented with an array of trading tools and indicators.


STAR System was created with a simple goal - to devise a trading software that is simple to understand, easy to implement, and could be applied across all markets.
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Hence, an experienced team of market professionals, mathematicians and data scientists were brought together to invent a breakthrough technology that combines AI, financial analysis and market analysis with one mission - which is to allow everyone to consistently succeed in their trades.


The age old adage is that if we understand the past, we can predict the future. We wanted to develop a system that could, with the right data, process that information and make an accurate prediction.